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About Us

BusyBox is a small business that makes products for work-from-home professionals and create-from-home content creators. Whether you’re working remotely, jumping on video calls, streaming videos, recording a podcast, studying for finals, or just in need of some solo time, BusyBox gets you the uninterrupted space you need.  We launched during the pandemic with great results but not realizing the unprecedented chip crisis was coming and, while it’s been very difficult to keep our little business running smoothly, we continue to work, continue to sell, and continue to grow.  We’re excited to build new products and for we will bring to the smart home and smart office of the future.  We believe that creating a smart productivity space(s) will be the norm someday soon, along with smart kitchens, smart entertainment and smart security.

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There are a few ways to contact the BusyBox team.

And one more thing…

It’s important to us that you know who we are as people too.  Yes, we went to good schools; many people have.  Yes, we have a lot of experience; many people have.  And yes, we want to build something big and impactful as a business; like many entrepreneurs.  

We also want to make a difference in the lives of others. Our give back plans include donating returned BusyBox smart signs to schools, abused women’s advocacies, and places that need our products, but just can’t find the budget.  Want to recommend a group that could use a BusyBox?  Fill out this “Request for Donated BusyBox” form please.  We review it once a month.

We love Engineering. We are eager to get kids excited in engineering! If you have a 3D printer you can download .STL files to make your own covers and our  “Kick Stand” table top holder.  The folder is here.

Our CTO and co-Founder, Fess, was born in Okhtyrka, Ukraine. As a small, but direct way to help Okhtyrka rebuild, we are working with Fess’ extended family’s help to set up a software development space in Okhtyrka.  By hiring people in Okhtyrka to work on our software development team we hope to help with the rebuilding of normalcy for that part of the world.


We see the globe as a small, connected place, and we want to help our neighbors.