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BusyBox Button

Smart Wireless Control

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Click to turn on or off
No phone? No problem
Programmable Double Click
Scroll through colors, or modes, or images
Programmable Press and Hold
Scroll through colors, or modes, or images
Bluetooth Networking
Allows for devices to interconnect and share status
Battery Life
~1 Year coin cell battery life
LED State Ring
Indicates the state of the sign from your desk
App Connected
Programmable & nameable
Assign the Button to control one or more BusyBoxes
Haptic feedback
Clicks like a mouse for touch feedback

No phone? No problem.

The BusyBox Button is a simple way to control your BusyBox from afar. Put it on your desk or keep it by your side and when a call comes in hit the button to turn your BusyBox on. The Button works with both the Digital and Standard model.

Total Ringer

The BusyBox Button has a LED light ring that shares your sign’s state. And the light color of the LEDs can match the light color of your BusyBox.

One Button to Rule Them All

The BusyBox Button can also turn on/off groups.  Meaning, if you have a recording studio with 5 rooms, each with its own BusyBox, a single push of the BusyBox Button will turn on (or off) the entire group.

No Phone Zone

If you accidentally (or intentionally) leave your phone in another room from time-to-time, use the BusyBox Button to keep you connected to your BusyBox. It’s ideal for when you need some deep focus time.


The BusyBox Button does what you’d expect, turn on/off your BusyBox with a quick click. But it also has programmable functions. Both double-click and click-and-hold can be assigned to do as you see fit such as a double click might start the LED color cycle from red to yellow to green. Or maybe have it scroll through your pre-made images on the BusyBox D. You're in control.