Lessons from Toyota and Bose: A message from BusyBox CEO Steve Skillings on our commitment to customer satisfaction

April 30, 2023

Being Our Best, By Learning From The Best.

From our CEO & Co-Founder, Steve Skillings:

At BusyBox, we are dedicated to creating innovative products and providing exceptional customer service. As the CEO, I have been fortunate enough to learn valuable lessons about product quality and customer satisfaction during my time working with Toyota and Bose. These experiences have shaped our approach at BusyBox, and we are continuously striving for improvement. We recently came across a customer review on Amazon that highlights our commitment to going the extra mile for our valued customers. Josh R., who initially had a less-than-ideal experience with one of our smart sign products, has now become a loyal advocate for our brand. Here's his story.

The Initial Problem

Josh R. purchased one of our BusyBox S smart signs with a 5,000 mAH battery, only to experience a battery issue with the original unit. Frustrated, he took to Amazon to share his negative experience. Our team, however, didn't let this feedback go unnoticed. We reached out to Josh to address his concerns and resolve the issue.  

“The hardest problem to fix is the one you don’t know about.” - Doug Peters

A colleague of mine once said that. And it’s so true. If given the chance to fix something, we will. This is not always easy to do. Sometimes it takes being very proactive. For example, Amazon makes it challenging to actually connect to customers, and sadly, sometimes we can’t even reach a customer.  It’s frustrating, but our focus on fixing issues drove us, and we kept trying and finally got through to Josh.

Turning Things Around

Taking ownership of fixing the issue, our team went to great lengths to ensure a positive outcome. We replaced the faulty unit and gave the refurbished "troublemaker" to a non-profit organization of Josh's choice. Throughout the entire process, we made sure that the customer experience was at the forefront of our approach.

Learning from Troublemaker Units

During my time with Toyota and Bose, I learned the importance of continuous improvement in product quality and customer satisfaction. At BusyBox, we strive to maintain an incredibly low defect rate, currently at less than 0.75%. When a "troublemaker" unit slips through our quality checks, we use it as an opportunity to learn and improve our products and processes. We work closely with our customers to replace the problematic units and study the returned items to implement improvements and prevent similar issues in the future.

A Complete 180: From Dissatisfied to Loyal Customer

Our exceptional customer service completely changed Josh's opinion about our company. In his own words, "They. Are. Incredible." He was impressed with our willingness to take responsibility for the issue and the lengths we went to restore our good name. This experience not only won Josh over but also transformed him into a loyal advocate for our brand.

“Killer Product, Better Company, Amazing Staff”

Our smart sign products are already impressing Josh, but it's our commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement that sets us apart from the competition. Josh's experience is a testament to our dedication to providing outstanding customer service, which is vital for the growth and success of any company. It's no wonder that he now considers us a "killer product, better company, [and] amazing staff."

We love fixing things.

The story of Josh R. and BusyBox demonstrates that a single customer's experience can have a impact on a brand's reputation and by addressing concerns head-on, prioritizing customer satisfaction, and using feedback as an opportunity to learn and improve, our team has stayed focused on being not only an innovative company with fantastic products but also a company that genuinely cares about our customers. As CEO, I am proud of the lessons I've learned at Toyota and Bose, and I want to carry them forward with BusyBox.  I am committed to ensuring that these values continue to guide us at BusyBox. In the end, it's the combination of an exceptional product, outstanding customer service, and a commitment to continuous improvement that truly creates a winning formula for success.

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