Join BusyBox’s whitehat reward system 🎁 and help us level up 🆙 productivity together!

April 3, 2023

Introducing Our Whitehat Reward System

Hey there, BusyBoxers!

As you know, our mission at BusyBox is to create top-notch IoT products that boost productivity and make life a little easier. Our first product, the ingenious smart sign that prevents interruptions before they even start, is just the beginning. But to keep providing you with the best possible user experience, we need your help!

We're excited to introduce our Whitehat Reward System, inspired by the whitehat approach in the software world. 🔍 With your input, we can continue to improve our products and services, all while having a bit of fun along the way. 🔝

Why Your Help Matters So Much To Us:

We believe that the secret to the best possible quality lies in constant improvement. Your feedback is the magic 🦄 ingredient that helps us identify bugs or defects that may have slipped through the cracks. By working together, we can create an even better experience for all our current and future BusyBox customers.  

How BusyBox's Whitehat Reward System Works:

Our Whitehat Reward System is designed to encourage users like you to let us know about any issues or defects you encounter while using our products. When you find a bug or problem we haven't yet spotted, we'll reward you with discounts or even free products as a big thank-you for your invaluable contribution. 🙏

How to Report Bugs:

We've made reporting bugs as simple as possible! 🕷️ Just send an email to our support team at with a description of the issue you've found. If appropriate, please include photos or videos that help illustrate the problem. Our team will review your findings and get back to you with your well-deserved rewards!

Benefits of BusyBox's Whitehat Reward System:

  1. Win-Win Situation: Our reward system is a classic win-win approach. You find bugs or product problems, we shower you with gratitude (and rewards), and we all get to enjoy even better BusyBox products. 🏆
  2. Satisfaction in Problem-Solving: We know some of you love a good challenge! By participating in our Whitehat Reward System, you'll have the opportunity to flex your problem-solving muscles 💪 and help us make our products even more amazing.
  3. Be a Part of Our Team: When you participate in the Whitehat Reward System, you're not just a customer; you're an essential part of the BusyBox family! Your valuable insights help shape our products and make them better for everyone. 🤜🤛
  4. Save Money on Future Purchases or Get Free Gear Now: As a token of our appreciation, we'll reward you with discounts or free products. 🎉 This not only gives you a direct benefit for your contributions, but it also incentivizes you to keep an eye out for potential issues in our products. 🎁

Come join us in our mission to achieve perfect 💯 quality by taking part in BusyBox's Whitehat Reward System. Your valuable feedback will help us continuously improve our products, and you'll reap the rewards for your efforts. Together, we can make the experience better for everyone. So, let's put on our whitehats, embrace our inner detectives 🕵️, and have some fun making BusyBox even more awesome!  🥳🙏


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