BusyBox S

Simple to use. Simple to own.

$129 USD
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Changeable covers
New looks, new styles, made easy
Long Battery Life
Up to 120 hours of illumination
Slide-in Signs
Simple signs for clear messages
Bluetooth Networking
Allows for devices to interconnect and share status
Control App
App control means simplicity in your hand
Group BusyBoxes to simplify multi-unit control
Light Modes
Blinking, pulsing, color sequence modes
Integrations & Automations
Let BusyBox do the status updates, while you keep working
Voice commands
“Siri, turn on BusyBox.”  That was easy

Tech Specs

Early Bird Price $129
MSRP $209
Low Energy v4.2
6 Slide in signs
5,000 mAh
2 Side buttons for manual control
8.2 inches (208 mm)
3.5 inches (88 mm)
1.3 inches (32 mm)

Control Your BusyBox

Manage your BusyBox with the mobile app. Both iOS and Android platforms are supported.
Control Freak
BusyBox Control app allows you to set on/off, pick light colors, set modes, group signs together. Control like this never felt so easy.
BusyBox signs can work alone, or together as part of a one team of devices. You decide. Simplify your status control with groups.
1,000 Words
Sometimes an image is worth a thousand words. Use the App and the BusyBox D to make your message clear, fun and visual.
Hands Free
Go “hands free” at home with integrations. You can let your favorite apps control the BusyBox.  Link to your Google Calendar or say “Hey Siri, turn on my BusyBox.”

Take Control by Letting Go

With the BusyBox integrations you can make your apps work for you.  Google Calendar will update the BusyBox automatically with your status, or ask Siri to turn the sign off now that your call is done.
Stay up to date as we announce new integrations

Made for the Busy People

Today, more than ever, we need to make time for ourselves. With a BusyBox S, you’ll have our simplest, longest illuminating model. It’s easy to read, easy to control and easy to use. Made to run all week. Made for the busy people.

Diffused Difference

The BusyBox S is made to work all week long before needing a recharge. How is that possible? It wasn't easy. With our Patent Pending diffuser array, we efficiently move more photons per square millimeter. This means BusyBox S can run brighter and longer. You might say our diffuser’s design is brilliant. 😉

Signs of Simplicity

Simply slide in your message, or create your own, and let them know what you’re doing.  Want to change it up?  Remove the cover, slide out the old message, slide in the new message, replace the cover.  That was easy.

Match Your Decor

BusyBox boasts a simple and clean aesthetic — no disorderly designs, clunky features, or unsightly wires. Easily fit it in any style of home without obtrusion. With a variety of different colors and styles, you can match the look to your location.
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