How do I take the cover off, and put it back on?

Removing the cover

  1. Hold your BusyBox in one hand, leave it on the mount, or place it on a table (on it’s back side).  With your other hand, push gently on one end of the message window with your pointer finger and pull away with your thumb and fingers.  We find that being on one end or the other helps to pivot the cover off. This takes less force.
  2. While you’re pushing on the message, reach for the edge of the cover and pull it off. When all done with a bit of practice, the cover will come right off without much binding on the device itself.

Putting the cover back on

  1. To put your cover back on, line up the magnets, and gently move the cover closer to the BusyBox.  The magnets will do all of the work once you get close enough.
[PRO TIP]  The cover will bind if you don’t align things well.  The magnets are strong to hold the cover on during an accidental door slam. If you find the BusyBox and cover not aligning easily, it means the magnets are not taking hold at the same time.  Try to keep the cover parallel to the BusyBox.
How do I download the BusyBox app?
BusyBox app
Scan the QR-code or press the corresponding button to install the application
How do I charge my BusyBox?
  1. Put your BusyBox on a stable surface and take the cover off.
  2. Next, grab the USB-C cord that came with your BusyBox. Notice there are two different shaped endings, one is rectangular and one is an oval. Put the rectangular side into a standard USB-A charging block, making sure the USB charger is plugged into a power source.
  3. Once you’re plugged into the wall, connect the oval part of the cord to the USB-C port on the side of the BusyBox. If you are looking directly at the front of the BusyBox, the charging port is located on the right side.
[PRO TIP]  To show you that your BusyBox is charging, the LED lights by the side buttons will pulse green. The side LEDs will pulse green while the BusyBox is charging, then light solid green once it has reached 100% full.
How do I make groups?
  1. Make sure both of your BusyBoxes are turned ON.
  2. Open the BusyBox app and go to the “Devices” screen.
  3. Click on the plus button in the top right corner of the app. You will see the option to ADD DEVICE, or ADD GROUP at the bottom of the screen. Click ADD GROUP.
  4. Now you have the option to select which BusyBoxes you want to add.

    [PRO TIP]  If you want to group all of the listed BusyBoxes select “SELECT ALL”
  5. After you have your BusyBoxes selected enter a name for the group.
How do I pair my BusyBox to my phone?
  1. First, make sure you have the app downloaded from the app store.
  2. Open the app, and it will bring you to a screen that asks you to connect to a device.
  3. Next, it will bring you to the pairing section. The application will say it is “scanning” for a device.
  4. While on this screen, grab your BusyBox and hold down the two buttons located on the side of the BusyBox for about one second, then release. After you do that, your BusyBox will pulse blue indicating it is in Bluetooth pairing mode.

    [PRO TIP]  Connections with Bluetooth are stronger when the phone and BusyBox are close to one another. We recommend putting the devices within 3 feet of each other.
  5. Now, look at the BusyBox application, and you should see your BusyBox appear. Click on the BusyBox that shows up under the scanning screen.
  6. The next screen you will see is the device name screen. Tap on the text box and enter whatever name you would like for your device. After you do that you’re successfully paired and ready to go.
How do I mount my BusyBox?
  1. There are two parts you need for the mounting process. The mounting plate, and the genuine 3M Command strips. (Please use the materials provided to safely mount your BusyBox smart sign, we do not recommend other adhesives, tape or glue as they may damage your walls/doors/paint).
  2. Remove the mount from the back of the BusyBox.  Now, grab your Command Strips and place them on the back of the mounting plate.  We recommend having all 4 pieces together, and placing them on the back rectangles of the mount.
  3. Now that the Command Strips are on the mount, remove the paper backing on the Command Strips and, with the arrow side facing you, and with the arrow pointing up, place the mount on the preferred position on your door or wall.
  4. Once the mounting plate is on the door, grab your BusyBox and line up the notches with the hooks on the mounting plate.
How do I remove the plastic film on my BusyBox S messages?
  1. Grab one of your messages, feel around the edge, and look for a small section where the film is coming off the message.
  2. Once you find a section, gently start pulling, it might be a little difficult, but stabilize the message to ensure that it does not bend too much when you are pulling. After you get it off, if you want, flip the message over and do it again.
How do I turn off my BusyBox?
  1. Locate one of the buttons that you used to turn the BusyBox ON. Hold down the button until the battery status LED turns off. Once that light turns off, your BusyBox is completely OFF. You can confirm that the unit is OFF with the app.  The app will not be able to control the device when it is OFF.
How do I change a message on my BusyBox S?
  1. Start by removing the cover.
  2. Once you have successfully removed the cover, remove the message that’s in place.
  3. Next, select what message you want to display on your BusyBox.
  4. Now let’s slide the message in.  You’ll notice there is a small lip on the right side that allows you to line up the message and slide it right in. Put the message under this lip.
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